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So Delicious – so kind! (free coupons from So Delicious company)

In order to gather information on products for this blog, I’ve contacted a handful of companies. I’ve asked about “natural flavors” and caffeine content among other things.

Of all the companies I have sent queries to, only one of them so far – So Delicious Dairy Free – has asked me for my address so they could send me coupons in the mail.

I gave out my address and in less than two weeks received a pack of coupons in the mail, 9 coupons which save from 50 cents to $1.00 on various product groups: coconut milk, coconut milk creamer, almond plus beverages, and most importantly, frozen dessert pints!

Although this is only a small token of kindness on their part, I really appreciate it. Especially since no other companies have done as much.

I checked their website and they have a form you can provide your email address to get coupons. I recommend anyone interested to try and get some.