About the Sweets Reporter

I’m a middle aged guy born and raised in South Florida, with a big sweet tooth (:

I enjoy to analyze, compare, and understand things in a scientific way, and in this blog I’ll try to apply this mindset to reviewing sweet treats such as ice cream, cookies, and even spreads. I’m also very much into nutrition and food that is good for the body, and my reviews will reflect that interest.

I’m always open for suggestions to new or interesting products to review.

I do a little hobby game development. Check out my latest iPad game here:


I’m also somewhat versed in Japanese so if any of you are learning it and have questions feel free to ask.  I have a Japanese blog on WordPress at http://selftaughtjapanese.com, feel free to check it out if you are interested.

  1. Very interesting blog. Actually, are you familiar with French sweets? I had this one sweet product from France, I believe, but I don’t know its name. I took a photo of it, and I believe I wrote down the name of the store that sells it. (It’s damn famous I heard) Despite the fact, I couldn’t figure out the product’s name because it’s only from France… perhaps you could help me with your experience and knowledge? 🙂

    • Leonard, thanks very much for the comment.

      Sure, I’d love to help you find your French sweet. If you can send me the photo and any additional information I’ll do my best to help.

      I’m not sure if its possible to directly share photos on WordPress, so maybe its best if you make a post with the information and send me a link to it?

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