Product Review: Chox chocolate red wine


On a recent family trip to Tampa I was looking for something sweet to drink, but without mysterious artificial flavors. I ended up trying Chox: “Fine Red Wine Infused with the natural essence of chocolate”.


Fortunately this product had only a very slight taste of red wine, which is a big plus for me since I am not a big red wine fan. The sweet chocolate flavor really dominates the experience, although the texture is probably somewhat close to a red wine.

If you like Kahlua or other sweet chocolate beverages then you will likely love this, and the overall experience is quite similar.


I was attracted by the label which stated there are no artificial flavors, and think this the strongest point of this drink, especially when comparing to other sweet drinks like Kahlua which have who-knows-what in them. On the other hand, although everything in this product is ‘natural’, as with other instances of ‘natural flavors’, you really don’t know what is in the product. If this product actually listed everything used to make it I’d feel much better about it.

This product also contains sulfites, but from what I have researched they are present in a majority of wines, and have little effect on the body, so they are not much of a concern to me.

This product is imported from Holland. I’m not sure what type of impact this has on the taste or ingredients used, but it gives it somewhat of “exotic” feel from a marketing perspective.

Ingredients (as listed on package): Grape wine with molasses neutral spirits, dairy cream, natural flavors, and natural carmine color.

Alcohol content: 13.9%


I bought this 750 ml bottle for $12.99 at a Publix in Tampa, Florida.

Ratings:   Flavor:  8.0  Nutrition/Ingredients:  6.0  Price: 8.0   Overall: 7.3


I was searching for a sweet alcoholic drink with no artificial flavors and some of the health benefits of wine. Turns out this fits the bill perfectly. I can’t speak whether a wine expert would enjoy this or not, but anyone with a sweet tooth who is looking for a little alcohol buzz should definitely try this product out.



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  1. carol galloway

    how do I purchase this wine and what is the price?

  2. Joe Frontierro

    My brother in California is a wino.He picked a bottle of Chox for $2.99 at Grocery Outlet in Chico and says it is fantastic.

  3. Fridge or room temp?

  4. Robin Dauphinais

    No it is much better chilled or over ice. It’s 2.99 at my local 99cent store in Palm Springs CA.

  5. Robin Dauphinais

    I think it is much better chilled and/or over ice. Maybe even with a shot of creme. It’s 2.99 at my local 99cent store in Palm Springs CA.

  6. I bought as many as I thought prudent at a discount store in Tucson, AZ….and wish I had bought all on the shelf. Their closeout price: $3.99. Mixed with one of the new natural essence-flavored seltzers (10/9/17 $2.49 – $2.99 [?] for the Kroger label [at Fry’s, Smith’s, other?] cases of 12, esp coconut, mandarin or raspberry; other brands, other flavors) and a few ice cubes ~ ahhhhh! A chocolate egg cream with alcohol ~ need one say more? (Not if one is from Brooklyn.) Must admit I will no doubt be willing to pay more when my stash is gone, as I agree that the lack of unnecessary additives, as in a different brand, makes Chox the choice.

  7. Just hoping that it will still be available…I read that the distributor, Clever Imports (Palm Beach Gardens, FL), declared bankruptcy in 2014. Saw online that Liberty Creek has a chocolate wine, but only 12.5% alcohol. Don’t know where it’s sold, in case the price is ok, though.

  8. I hope my first comment, which I don’t see here now, gets posted.

  9. I need this drink at my 99 cent store in San Antonio Texas. I bought it last time but know I can’t find it at the store.

  10. Where can I fine Chox Chocolate wine?

  11. Where can I purchase this wine?

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